Nachurel ingredients agrees to consent judgment honoring Sabinsa’s Tetrahydrocurcuminoids patent

Nachurel Ingredients LLC(North Brunswick, NJ) has agreed to a Final Consent Judgment that resolves a previous lawsuit for infringement of Sabinsa’s U.S. Patent No. 6,653,327, covering compositions and uses of turmeric-derived Tetrahydrocurcuminoids.

In the Consent Judgment, the Court found:

“It is hereby determined and found that the ’327 Patent is valid, enforceable, and was properly issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the patent laws of the United States. It is also hereby determined and found that the ’327 patent was infringed by the making, having made, use, sale, offer to sell, and/or importation of the Accused Products.”

In the Final Consent Judgment, the Court also ruled that the “Consent Judgment shall bind Nachurel, its officers, directors, agents, representatives, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and employees.”

“We are satisfied with the resolution of this matter and anticipate a constructive relationship with Nachurel going forward,” said Sabinsa founder Muhammed Majeed PhD. “Our patent has been upheld multiple times in infringement lawsuits, and is clearly valid, so we encourage competitors to honor it.”

“It is prudent for cases such as this one between Sabinsa and Nachurel come to a quick and amicable resolution so further legal action is unnecessary,” stated James H. Hulme, litigation counsel for Sabinsa. “The strength of Sabinsa’s patent, as once again confirmed by the Consent Judgment filed with the court, should discourage infringement by other parties.”

Sabinsa’s patent covers compositional claims and also several topical and oral applications of tetrahydrocurcuminoids noted for their high anti-oxidant capacity.